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PARC Foundation sponsors faith-based music video

Music Video Features Original Song from Inspirational Movie Letters to God

APRIL 2010 – PARC Management and PARC Foundation are very excited to partner with Possibility Pictures and their new film, Letters to God. Based on a true story, Letters to God is an inspiring movie about a young boy finding strength and hope in the midst of extreme adversity. It carries an incredible message of faith, hope, and love that makes it a GREAT film for the entire family when it premieres April 9th, 2010. We at PARC Management and PARC Foundation are honored to have partnered with Letters to God to sponsor the music video for one of the original songs: Dear Mr. God by the Warren Brothers. In addition, PARC is producing an insightful and inspiring Music Special “Inside the Music” featuring interviews with the artists, songwriters and producers of several of the original songs featured in the movie and on the Soundtrack.

So, we encourage you to take your family, friends and neighbors on opening night, April 9th, to see Letters to God and get inspired to help those around you.

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