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Carload for Caring

Denver community initiative gets sports icon Chauncey Billups as partner

AUGUST 2010 – PARC Foundation was recently introduced to research conducted by UNICEF by a faith-based intermediary organization, FreshMinistries, based in Jacksonville, Florida. The UNICEF research teaches that the health and economic opportunities available to the children living within the community are a good gauge to determine the community’s overall health and future sustainability. This gauge is referred to as “Child-Friendly.” Based on UNICEF research, a child friendly community uses a holistic approach to tackle the multitude of problems facing underserved children and their families simultaneously.

“I am ecstatic to partner with Elitch Gardens, PARC Foundation and the Denver Leadership Foundation on the ‘Carload for Caring’ initiative,” said All-Star NBA guard Chauncey Billups, who plays with the Denver Nuggets. “I am not afraid of a clock with only seconds remaining and I’m willing to take the ‘big shot’ to help my team win. And I’m not afraid to take the ‘big shot’ to help kids and families in Denver who need help the most.”

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